TC Film School is a new part of our educational programme, offering courses in film theory and practical filmmaking. We start this September with a 10 week evening class on The Language of Cinema, based on films shown in our Autumn programme.


The Language of Cinema








This is a ten week evening class running at Totnes Cinema at 7.30pm on Monday evenings from September 24th to November 26th. As a participant you’ll get ticket reductions on screenings of films studied on the course that are in the Totnes Cinema Autumn programme.


What will you learn on the course?

The Language of Cinema is aimed at people who are curious about cinema and are interested in deepening their experience of engaging with films. The course provides a foundation in the main ideas of Film Studies as a discipline, and we will learn about:

  • What makes cinema a distinctive art form
  • A range of key concepts that can be used to understand how films communicate
  • How significance and meaning are created in film, and how it relates to reality
  • The preferred intentions of filmmakers and the ways that audiences can interpret films
  • How the language of film has developed from the early pioneers to becoming a powerful and evolving phenomenon across human culture

The course starts with exploring what we understand cinema to be – looking at our assumptions and expanding what we think films are all about. This will involve thinking about how films communicate through individual features such as locations, performances, stars and use of sound along with the broader aspects of genre and narrative. These dimensions of cinema are shared with other art forms, so we’ll move onto the more uniquely cinematic innovations of cinematography and editing; the less obvious forms that make film so unique.



How the course will be taught

There will be a mixture of presentations and interactive work. You’ll be expected to take notes, analyse film sequences and be prepared to discuss what you notice. Between the sessions you will undertake independent learning tasks including watching films; the course is based around some of the films in the Totnes Cinema Autumn programme (see below*). You will be expected to watch the films and come prepared to discuss them in relation to the topics studied each week. Towards the end of the course you will take one of the films we have watched and create a presentation that analyses specific aspects of the film using approaches that you have learnt over the course.



The Language of Cinema is run by Martin Walker who has written and taught Film Studies courses for Exeter University’s Continuing Education Programme for the last 10 years and has been teaching A level Film Studies since 1998, as well as being an A Level Examiner for Media Studies.




The course is £100 (£10 per 2 hour session)

*In addition there are reduced price tickets for the 7 films shown at Totnes Cinema that will be analysed on the course:

  • If you pre-pay for all of the films it will cost £6 per film as a pre-paid block booking (£42 total)
  • If you don’t want to pre-pay then the cost will be £8 for individual films


How to join the course

To enrol on the course please follow this link to the Totnes Cinema Box Office and find the listing for the course in September and follow the instructions.

When you enrol onto the course you will be provided with the list of films that we will be studying with instructions for booking for the film screenings