Tea with the Usherettes

What an amazing afternoon I have had! After a bit of detective work and with help from a local friend I managed to track down three of the original usherettes who are photographed on the final night of The Romany Cinema in October 1964. Novello Wills found us, as her son Michael, visiting from Australia spotted our article in the Totnes Times. We tracked Jean Bindon down quite easily through Ken at the museum and a friend of mine recognised Gwen Foot by her surname.

So the table was laid with my Auntie Kath’s best bone china and lemon drizzle cake with the hope we could encourage the three to share their experiences. They hadn’t seen each other for fifty years but you would never have guessed. It was hard to keep up with all the stories and family connections!

I need to reflect on what I have heard today and will add some photos too.

It’s so rewarding to meet people who were part of this place 50 years ago

Thanks to Ken too who shared a cuppa with us and was able to give all three a copy of his booklet which describes the history of the cinema in Totnes from 1898 to 1944.

Photos to follow

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